Is your business your dream or your nightmare?

March 14, 2008

Goofy george billAre you satisfied at the end of the day when the sign on the door is flipped around to closed.  So many americans are just wore out at the end of the day wondering why their employees are making more money and taking less risk than they are.  Don’t get me wrong not everyone feels like that.  The business models that approach the “idea business” are the ones that are winning the game.  How close is your business model to the idea business model?

“The ideal business sells the world, rather than a single neighborhood or even a single city or state. In other words, it has an unlimited global market (and today this is more important than ever, since world markets have now opened up to an extent unparalleled in my lifetime). By the way, how many times have you seen a retail store that has been doing well for years — then another bigger and better retail store moves nearby, and it’s kaput for the first store.” — Dow Theory Letter


Debt is an Investment!

May 20, 2007

piggy bank

I know what your thinking. This guy must have smoked his breakfast this morning. Debt is an investment to your banker if it is your personal debt. When you take out a loan, you have given your lender an investment, your interest. —> More

What’s the secret of retailing?

May 20, 2007

flea market I’m going to say I really doubt if there are any secrets. You can learn a lot from watching what other people are doing. Learn the products that you sell. —> More

Do you own a business or does it own you?

May 12, 2007


What is a business anyways? We’ll if you can go on vacation for a week and your business did fine without you, then I would say you have a business. —> More